Introducing Scentsy Complete Fragrance Systems

Our warmers are easy peasy, you simply plug it in, place one or two cubes of your favourite Scentsy wax in the dish, turn it on and enjoy.

Our warmers use a heating element or light bulb to melt the wax and the element warmers use separate LEDs to light the warmers this applies to products in the UK & Europe.

With the majority of our warmers rated at only 18w with 240v input, meaning they are cost effective to run in your home.

Scentsy Wax Warmers

Below are some of our top selling  warmers, there are over 60 amazing designs to choose from, really is something for everyone. We introduced the mini warmer range in September 2017 and they have gone down a treat. Personally my favourite mini warmer is Enjoy The Little Things, closely followed by Morning Sunrise.

Full size warmers – I’ve a few I adore Stargaze is number 1 followed by Flowervine as it’s neutral.

Do you have a favourite? Or are you like me and can’t choose just one?

Our warmers are handmade and have a lifetime manufacturing warranty for complete peace of mind. We do accessories such as wax dishes if you happen to break one, our lightbulb warmer shades are also available again should it get damaged, we also have the different bulbs and cable lead too.

Scentsy has grown so much in the UK and Europe these past few years, more than warmers and waxes our product lines have increased ten fold.

We offer a children’s range, laundry range, essential and natural oils, diffuser and bath time ranges as well as our on the go products such as the go system which is AMAZING, scent packs and car bars.

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