The Scentsy Family

Hey, so just a little about us firstly then a little about Scentsy itself.

Why we are called Martina’s Scents, simply because it’s Martina who is a total Scentsy freak. Martina loves anything fragranced, sparkly or purple, her obsession with candles and air freshener plug ins was so extreme that coming on 6 years ago our little boy took seriously unwell very suddenly, he was in PICU twice and almost died, it was his chest though. No infection or anything ever showed up, just his saturations (blood oxygen) levels were too low.

Keeping it short and to the point, after a lot of investigations, home inspections etc finding nothing out of the ordinary other than the amount of candle jars and plug ins it was suggested that on discharge to remove them and see how he managed. So all were put away nothing used. Martina wasn’t thrilled but our son came first, few days and all was OK wee man was stable had his review a few days later it was then that all started to click into place.

Our little boy was diagnosed with brittle asthma put on treatment for life, what caused him to be so unwell? Basically the candles were taking oxygen to live and producing carbon dioxide plus soot and whatever else and because our son had undiagnosed asthma, those things contributed to him becoming ill.

NO MORE CANDLES OR PLUG INS. Martina then found Scentsy about 4 years ago, we done a trial of it for around a week and well the rest is history. No reactions, no soot, just great smelling and safe. So we bought a warmer and a few bars of wax, then the collection rose to 6 warmers, 1 each in the kids rooms (yes, that’s how safe they are).

So one Christmas we bought a few friends a warmer and waxes then we thought maybe we should get an account ourselves, then we can order ours and friends products from our account and technically get discount. We joined 3 years ago and have a large customer base that is growing regularly, we have our own team as well – its quite small but it’s all we want that’s another plus, you don’t need to have a team, sale requirements to keep your business are low. Our kids love the products too, its a real family business as everyone who comes to our house gets involved some way or another. That’s it on us really, a little history on the Scentsy family.

About Scentsy

Scentsy was Founded in 2004.

Headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, USA and owned and operated by Orville and Heidi Thompson. Operating in the United States and its territories, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, with sales-only operations in Italy, Poland and Luxembourg.

Scentsy is the wickfree scented candle warmers, diffusers & scented products. Scentsy offers a safer alternative to scented candles. Scentsy wickless candle warmers have no wick, no flame, no soot, no smoke and no fire risk!

Scentsy’s decorative wickfree candle warmers are used with our amazing fragranced wax bars called Scentsy bars. These are safer, stronger, longer lasting than traditional scented candles and come in a huge range of fragrances you will love!

Scentsy warmers & wax bars are safe to be used almost anywhere. Our Scentsy products including, warmers, wax bars, diffusers, essential oils, buddies, laundry, car bars and other products are available from here or contact me to save on shipping costs where possible.

Scentsy is a home fragrance system, we have around 60 different designed electric warmers with lifetime warrantyies, over 80 wax scent bars, we have scent packs that are perfect for bathrooms, gym lockers, bags, suitcases, wardrobes and drawers to name but a few.

We have a laundry range and it’s amazing. We do car bars that have multiple uses too. Also state of the art ultrasonic nebulizing diffuser and essential oils. Our warmers warm to just above body temperature and our waxes are food grade therefore our products are safe around children and pets. Scentsy Go is a portable scent system which has beautiful led colour changing lights and is charged using a USB port.

Our mini warmers plug straight in to the wall – no lead required. Have a browse on my website you can order direct from it or you can contact me to be added to my bulk order I may even have some personal offers available.