How we found Scentsy

In October 2012 to celebrate my 30th we went to Newcastle Upon Tyne, mum stayed at our house with the 3 kiddie blinks. Everything was great, rang mum around 4pm on our way to the airport letting her know that flight was on time we should be home around 9pm we would get a taxi back to save her taking kids out so late.

Now fast forward we arrived home about 9.10pm I was parched so kettle on for a cuppa was the first thing. Next i clicked no kids came running at us, mum then seen i had caught on something wasn’t right. She said you best sit down so i then started pacing begging her to tell me what was wrong the baby was in bed the eldest was over with a friend but our 2 year old son was in hospital, dad was with him and he was now stable, around 4.20pm he was labouring for breath his lips blue and became floppy, mum thought he was choking but nothing in his mouth so she rang 999 they were out in minutes, they done a “scoop & run” phoned a stand by at the hospital so medical crew were waiting our little boy nearly died.

He underwent tests after tests was put down to “viral” he got home 3 days later unfortunately he was only home 6 hrs and i had to rush him straight to the paediatric ward all same things as before this time he ended up in PICU was in for 10 days during this time we had a social worker who was looking for signs of negligence, found everything satisfactory and our son was discharged home on medication for asthma his left lung had scarring from severe infection.

We were home again this time a week had passed but our son took dangerously unwell again he was straight into resus they done CPR and shocked him once stable he went to picu we at this stage we were beside ourselves, this time a full home inspection was carried out, checking for damp,mould, signs of neglect etc no mould or damp no signs of neglect but they queried the amount of candles and plug in air fresheners. Love my home being clean and smelling clean all the time. Anyhow this was reported back to his consultant and there i was told to bin each and every one of those jar candle’s, the consultant pointed out for the candle to light and stay lit it required oxygen and in return they produced carbon dioxide, soot, parabens and other toxins and these could be the very reason our son took ill.

Needless to say they all went in the bin, yes i was devastated i won’t lie my house wouldn’t smell nice enough anymore but my son comes first. It seemed that clearing out candles and plug ins worked our son hadn’t taken sick for 6 months, he relapsed this time due to the scarring on his lung and having brittle asthma, he was put on a tablet at night for life along with inhalers and im pleased to say that yes he has had a few infections requiring antibiotics and oral steroids but no hospital.  I came across Scentsy electric candle thought ohhh wonder how that works.

Contacted the Scentsy consultant explained my situation and she let me borrow a warmer and few different wax sample’s to try.  I was so impressed easy as 1,2,3 the warmer didn’t burn the scent from this 1 small cube was unreal, the true test now was to see how son was with this system. I was over the moon my house smelled clean and fresh a week we had this going and so far so good, no reaction no shortness of breath, the scentsy consultant brought more wax sample’s and told me to keep hold of it for another week or so, just to ensure he was going to be ok.

He was ok, he was great, so i ordered a warmer and waxes and the rest is history. To say i was put off candles and plug ins would be an understatement.  So glad i found scentsy i get my home smelling ace 24/7 and my son isn’t sick so win win really.

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  1. outbound 17th June 2018 at 7:28 am - Reply

    I dο not еven know hoѡ I endеd up here, but I thοught thіs post was
    great. I don’t know who yоu ɑre but certainly you’re ɡoіng to
    a famous Ƅlogger if yߋu aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

    • Martina 22nd June 2018 at 3:47 pm - Reply

      Hi not sure how you landed on here either lol, though thank you for commenting, this is my first ever personalised website and my first time blogging,hope i do become famous, how awesome would that be. Take care xx

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