Here you can choose from:

Wax bars which are suitable for electric warmers.

Natural oils perfect for scent diffusers.

Scent paks for multiple uses eg limited edition buddies, gym bag, wardrobe/drawers, car, radiator etc,

Pods which are used with our unique go system.

Do you have a favourite scent base? Click here to pick from the different scent categories.

BAKERY for your foodie smells.

CITRUS if you like it zesty.

FLORAL create the illusion of freshly cut flowers.

FRESH if you like clean, washing kind of smells.

FRUITY Juicy, ripe, sweet like peach, raspberry, melon, apple and strawberry.

GREEN bringing the outdoors indoors with grassy, mint and herb mixes.

SPICY if you like your warm rich aromas, bringing in cinnamon, pepper, clove & nutmeg.

WOODY if Earthy, dry, resinous scents which include notes like sandalwood, patchouli, fir and cedar.

SPRING/SUMMER: Carefree, fun, fresh returning seasonal scents.

CLASSIC hosting the fragrances you love these stay season after season.

CORNER CAFE: Indulgent, inviting, & yum! These are sweet, gooey, fresh-from-the-oven delights.

DARLING & DASHING a mix of feminine & masculine notes creating aromas similar to perfumes/aftershaves. KIDS: these are fun, funky & approved by the little ones.

NEW RELEASES: Trendy, modern, lively brand new scents of the season updated twice a year, keeping up with the Jones’.